Courses & Retreats to Help You Find Your Way Through Grief

Honor your journey and find a path to your new normal.

Discover hope in the midst of loss • Feel seen and heard • Find compassion & understanding
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Is this the hardest thing you’ve ever done?

Is this the hardest thing you’ve ever done?


Grief comes when loss occurs and can impact everything.

  • Do you feel alone or lost?
  • Are your relationships starting to strain?
  • Is it hard to imagine that you could feel hope again?
  • Do trite answers feel hollow and dismissive of your pain?
  • Do you struggle to know what to do with the anger you feel?
  • Do you feel uncertain about what a new normal will look like?
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My 3-day intensive with Kandace helped bring closure to a painful chapter in my life and opened up the hope of a new chapter being written. I am forever grateful.


Grief Untangled Believes No One Should Grieve Alone



SHARE YOUR STORY:When you’re ready, our community of counselors and fellow grievers are here to receive and honor your journey.


MAKE CONNECTIONS:Experience the healing power of compassionate support. We are slow to speak and quick to listen.


GAIN CLARITY:This journey molds and shapes us forever, learn how to find the beauty amidst the pain of grief.

Join our compassionate and supportive community.
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The Thin Place Grief Retreat in Ireland

We invite you to join us in Ireland in September of 2020.

By attending The Thin Place Grief Retreat you will receive deeper meaning from life’s disappointments, as well as gain a new perspective when facing future life challenges.

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Grief Untangled Course


A 6-part online course that will help you move through your grief with understanding and hope.

Healing from grief isn’t about forgetting or moving on. It’s about learning how to engage the pain of loss and learning to breathe in your new normal.

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Grief Untangled Course

Craig helped me through the darkest chapter of my life. He was able to get to the root of the issues at hand threw me a lifeline when I felt as though I was drowning.



What Makes Grief Untangled So Different?

We know you just want to breathe again and find a way through your grief.

You’re tired of trite answers and you have no idea how you can possibly move forward and find joy again. Is there a path to a new normal that honors your journey?

We believe moving through your grief doesn’t mean moving away from the impact of the loss made in your life. This is why we’ve combined our 20 years of experience and counseling into creating retreats, courses, and community to help you find a way through your loss.

You will have the support you need as the fog begins to lift and the pathway forward becomes more clear. Avoid the fallout of unresolved grief and build your life with renewed purpose, hope, and joy.

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The depth and isolation of grief takes most people by surprise. Grief Untangled believes no one should grieve alone. Our courses, trips and community are designed to help people suffering from loss find hope and healing through their journey.

Online Course

Online Course

Support to help you untangle the complexity of grief.

The anger and loneliness of grief is intense, and though it will shape you forever, it doesn’t have to define you.

Learn how others faced their grief head-on and moved through the pain of loss to find healing and purpose.

Inside the course


Each of the 6 videos of our online course will be delivered to your inbox. Along with the videos, you will receive a digital workbook to engage the content deeper.
Here’s what you can look forward to:



Personal grief journeys:

Listen close as we interview those who have been willing to let their tears be seen and heard, sharing what has been helpful and at times, hurtful, on their journey.



A multi-faceted look at grief and loss

Whether it’s worrying about what’s normal, how much do we share, or how to care for yourself on the grief journey, these are only a few topics we will be covering in the videos.


Engaging questions, insights, meditations and weekly assignments

Each video is meant for you to sit with for one week, providing material to engage and helpful suggestions along your path towards healing.




Join our compassionate and supportive community.
Join the CourseTake the 5-day Challenge

A few years ago my husband and I were in a rough spot. Craig’s ability to show us a path forward without guilt and shame brought us true healing and freedom.