Meet Our Team

Founding team of Grief Untangled that believes no one should grieve alone.

Our individual grief journeys, coupled with over twenty years of counseling, brings a message of hope and compassion for the journey you’re on. 

Loss remaining bottled up can cause multiple struggles going beyond the original sorrow. It’s not uncommon to feel fear or uncertainty when allowing grief to come to the surface. Rather than seeking help, we may deny or numb the pain we are in.

Unresolved grief can remain hidden. Our ways of coping become our new normal and it often takes a significant awakening to reengage the grief that’s always been there. This awakening can become our  passage way to hope when we get the help we need.

 At Grief Untangled we recognize the many confusing facets of the grief journey and would be honored to walk this path with you.

Our Team of Contributors!