Beau Hamlin

God got a hold of my heart in the summer of 1999. Prior to I often felt lost and confused. Through relationships, study of the Word, prayer and serving, I found true meaning and purpose in life. Namely, being a son of God the Father and a brother and friend of Jesus Christ! 

After surrendering to Jesus, I explored my story more deeply, understanding those things that needed processed and worked through. In receiving great mentoring and counseling from pastors, lay leaders, and professional counselors, my heart began to heal. From that healing, the desire to help people who were hurting and suffering through trauma was born. 

Two key seasons sparked my passion for helping people navigate through the complexities of grief. The first was with music and spiritual care at a retreat for missionaries in the fall of 2010. The speaker suffered the loss of one of his children. He taught on grief and it opened my eyes to the reality that grief doesn’t just come from the loss of a loved one due to death. It is also the result of any loss, because change brings loss, and loss brings grief. 

Spending three years as a hospice chaplain also allowed me to walk the sacred and difficult ground of the challenges people face with regard to grief. I learned some of the factors that contribute to healing, as well as some of the things that often lead to further despair. 

I work at God’s Resort (GR) in Joplin, Missouri. GR is a relationship-based transitional housing community exclusively for people seeking the love and support of the body of Christ as they discover or rediscover God’s love for them and His influence in their lives. 

I’m currently pursuing my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a desire to work with individuals who have suffered trauma and loss. I’ve been married to my wife, Michelle, since April of 2001. We have four children, a cat named Mila-Mae, and a leopard gecko named Cowgirl! I love spending time with my wife and kids, writing music, singing, and leading worship; and if I get a chance to spend time in nature, I jump on it!