Craig Mercer

I grew up in the land that sparked the vision for the fantastical world of C.S. Lewis’ “Narnia”, A.k.a. Northern Ireland. I came to faith in Jesus in my early twenties after meandering down many a dark and painful road, trying to find meaning and hope.

I have been married to my wife Lisa for 16 years. In that time, God has chosen to take us on an unexpected journey of grief and loss due to unresolved health issues of my wife. “How do you learn to live well in the valley when there is no expiration date on the trial?” This became a core question in our journey. It is one I am deeply passionate about helping others answer in their season of grief and loss. In the last year, I also faced the death of my father which created even more profound empathy for those whom have lost loved ones.

I have been counseling for over twenty years and have an MA in Christian Counseling. We currently live in “Middle Earth”, Indiana, where I work for Twelve Stones Ministries. We provide counseling in an intensive format in a retreat setting for life’s most deep-seated issues.

Life Shaping Quote:

“Grieving friends need our tears more than our teaching; our silence more than our solutions; our faces more than our fixes.” Scotty Smith